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Phone: +36 (70) 652-0000

Etele Plaza is located in the immediate vicinity of the Kelenföld railway station, surrounded by the busy Etele út, Somogyi út, Gyergyótölgyes utca and Egér út (from Hadak útja).

The shopping mall’s excellent location offers singular access to the M4 metro line, the Kelenföld railway station, the No. 1 tram, which runs along the outer boulevard, and the Nos. 19 and 49 trams.
Trams: 1, 19, 49
BKK buses: 8E, 40, 40B, 40E, 53, 58, 87, 88, 88B, 101B, 101E, 103, 108E, 141, 150, 153, 154, 154B, 172, 172B, 173, 187, 188E, 250, 250B, 251, 251A, 272, 907, 918
Regional bus terminal with local access to points in northwestern Hungary
Kelenföld railway station (with railway access to points in the Budapest metropolitan area and other domestic and international destinations)

For those coming from the agglomerations, M7-M1 motorways and Balatoni út provide an easy access to the plaza. Easy accessibility is granted via Egér út and then Hadak útja from Budaörsi út, while those coming from the downtown have great connections via Bartók Béla út and Etele út.

We developed a function for the lovers of innovative solutions which directly navigates them to the specific shops via the Etele App. The user simply selects the first shop to visit in the map, thus the ideal route can be planned easily, whether they approach the plaza on foot, by public transport or by car.


More information is available to our shoppers under menu item ‘Parking’.

Address 1119, Budapest, Hadak útja 1.