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Full accessibility

For our visually impaired visitors

Ariadné Innovative Blind Guiding System

Our electronic guidance system guides our visually impaired visitors through the Etele Plaza. The Ariadné guiding system, or “A-bot”, enables visually challenged people to find their way around similarly to a traditional white cane. The key difference between the two is in the sensor and the built-in electronics of the “A-bot”.
The electronic circuitry located at the tip of the Ariadné cane detects the road and the special guiding strip attached to the road. With this cane, people can follow the lane using traditional panning movements. When the end of the cane passes over the Ariadné guide area, it emits a detectable signal, a sound or a vibration.

How can I apply for it?

Visit the registration interface of the Ariadné electronic guide system:


After successful registration, a code will be sent to your mobile phone. You must enter this code to the automatic cane dispenser.
The cane dispensers are located at the two main entrances of Etele Plaza:

  • From Etele Square, follow the outdoor tactile paving to the entrance, then after eight meters to the right you will reach the cane dispenser.
  • From the Hadak útja entrance, the machine can be reached five meters ahead of the entrance and four meters to the left.

User guide

The process of dispensing and returning canes

1.) The guide will start automatically after pressing any button.
2.) You can enter your ID code on the user interface and pick up and drop off the Ariadne stick through the door on the right side of the device. If you have not used the dispenser before, become familiar with the buttons and the door of the machine. A Braille keyboard can be found on the machine.
3.) Press 1 to issue the cane and press 2 to return the cane.
4.) To use the cane dispenser, you must enter the identification code you received during registration on the numeric keypad.
A button can be found at the end of the cane handle. This allows you to switch between modes. The three modes are “beep only”, “vibration only” or “vibrate and beep”.
5.) As soon as the cane is available, the automatic beep will heard. You can take the cane that is in the compartment down with its handle. Pull the cane up and out of the compartment. If all the sticks have been rented, please get to the other cane dispenser.
6.) As soon as the cane is removed from the dispenser, the door will close.
7.) After use, please select menu item 2 and insert the cane back into the machine. After a successful return, the machine beeps.

You can report the error to the following telephone number:
+36 1 630 1268
It is operated by Engineed Ltd.

We wish you a pleasant navigation!

Disabled visitors

The building provides fully accessible transport and toilets. Wide elevators, ramps and a moving walkway from the car park help our visitors with reduced mobility to get easier and safer access. Disabled car parks have been built on levels P-2, P-1, P3 and P5, the exact positions can be found on the map of the application. Toilets specially designed for the disabled have been installed in all restroom areas in the Etele Plaza.
We strongly believe that a comfortable and safe visit should be available to all our visitors, whether they are in wheelchairs, elder, or coming with assistance dogs. Should you have any problems, feel free to contact our colleagues at Etele Plaza.

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